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Waking Up Dead
4 Cups - Coffee Time Romance - July 16, 2011
Coffee Time Reviews says . . .
   Ava Berry’s life when she was alive might not have been world class, but it was her life. Now that she is dead, Ava is determined to find out who murdered her and why.
   Suriyel has worked as a fallen angel for hundreds of years and he is ready to end his job as soul collector. Hoping he needs just a few more souls, he goes to collect Ava’s and finds she is not ready to go. He should have known it was too good to be true that he would have a perfect record.
   When Ava finds her niece’s body after a horrendous and strange car crash, she knows she has found the means to catch her killer. Going from a fifty-one year old woman with sags, wrinkles, and cankles to a woman with perky boobs, no cellulite and the sex drive of a nympho has Ava reacting to the sexy Suriyel in ways she normally would not. Even as her hormones have her wanting to jump the yummy fallen angel, Ava continues her hunt for who is killing off her family. As Ava and Suriyel get closer to finding the murderer, Ava will find out her heritage is linked to the killer in a way that is most definitely NOT heavenly.
   Waking up Dead is a roll with the punches quirky tale full of funny anecdotes, tantalizing desires and an adventure of a lifetime. Using witty language, hilarious circumstances, and some outrageous characters (like the Elvis impersonator), Skye Savoy takes the reader into an outlandishly romantic comedy. The plot is unique and the characters are so out of this world you can only ponder the great imagination it must have taken to write this novel. While death itself is not a funny thought the way certain family members are attacked by inanimate objects that suddenly come to life had me cracking up. Whether you are a longtime fan of Skye Savoy, or just getting to know her work, you will not want to miss this outrageous tale of death, life and love.

 Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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