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Finding Her Perfect Master
5 Siren Stones - Siren Book Reviews - April 18, 2010
Siren Book Reviews says . . .
   "Skye Savoy has created a superb story of love, life and mystery that is certain to capture the imagination of the reader and keep them hooked from beginning to end. The characters are realistic and evoke feeling of complete relation as they mutter through the turmoil of everyday life, and the unique twist and turns of being something more."
   "This is a story of love, relationships, and the emotional roller coaster that accompanies both. It contains just the right amounts comedy, sex, frustration, turmoil and triumph to propel both the hero and heroin into the heart of the readers. I found myself laughing at the comical antics, and gritting my teeth at the arrogance of the unique array of characters Ms. Savoy has managed to bring together in a story that is certain to remain on my favourites list. This is easily a high recommendation read."
4 Cups - Coffee Time Romance - April, 2010
Coffee Time Romance says . . .
   "A fun story riddled with misadventure after misadventure, Cala is a wisecracking modern genie who is easy to relate to. Lee is torn between rescuing her and washing his hands of the whole mess, but at the same time drawn to her with a need he cannot explain. As hot as a genie’s blood, this book was a wild ride from start to finish, while being hilarious from page one."
4 Cups - Happily Ever After Reviews - August 25, 2010
Happily Ever After Reviews says . . .
   "I really liked the premise of this book with genies as masters of their own lives rather than the Genie in a bottle story line that we have come to expect. While Cala’s situation is special as a disgraced half Genie, she still wants independence and love rather than a master."
   "This book has a lot of classic romance elements that I have come to expect: secrets, conflict, steamy sex, a bad guy (female in this case) scheming against the heroine, miscommunications, and trust issues. Cala and Lee’s misunderstandings and communication problems get a head start with embarrassment followed by heat and then pepper spray. Throw in a fear of another eBay experience along with some serious internet dating, and we have a winner! You’ll have to read it to believe it."
Copyright 2010 by Skye Savoy. All rights reserved.