My early writing began in middle school with a story about a sand flea named Oscar. I won a writing contest for the local (Pensacola, FL) newspaper when I was 15 for my story about a klutzy Driver’s Ed student named Louise. I guess you could say I have an affinity for that type of character because Cala definitely has a black cloud hanging over her as does the latest character in the book I’m currently working on.
How did you get started writing?
Who are a few of your favorite authors?
What's your writing process?
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Katie MacAlister, Ilona Andrews, Janet Evanovich, Jill Myles and Terri Garey
I am usually awakened in the middle of the night or have an idea in the strangest places like the frozen food section of the grocery store. My process begins with actually writing a few chapters and then stopping long enough to write a synopsis. As was the case with “Finding,” the story changed three times before it was published.