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Ava Berry never thought being dead would be so lively. All she wanted from Suriyel, the sexy fallen angel assigned to collect her soul, was a chance to find her killer. Now, she’s in a younger body, fending off a demon and falling for Suriyel. But, can she convince him to take her heart instead of her soul?
Before death came to collect Ava Berry in the form of one mouth-watering fallen angel named Suriyel, she was a newly divorced, 51-year-old caterer with a passion for all things Elvis and Paula Deen. Thanks to a deal she made with Suriyel and his magic amulet, she’s now in the body of her 20-something niece who died on the same night. Ava’s hell-bent on catching a killer even if it means not being heaven-bound anymore.
Fending off a possessed dumpster and an Elvis impersonator while dealing with her deceased mother who’s back as her pimped-out, Hoverround®-riding, guardian angel, are a lot easier than keeping her heart away from Suriyel. The soul-collector risks being thrown back into the center of the earth so he can protect and teach Ava to use the powers of the amulet. Good thing, too, because she soon finds herself using it to save his life and what remains of her lineage.
Waking Up Dead
Being dead can be a little too exciting...
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