“Glowing Green or Brilliant Blue?” I’d never used a condom before. But, tonight in this little trendy bar, I was determined to find someone who could put on one hell of a laser light show for me.
     The voice of my 4800-year-old Grandma Johara blasted through the alcohol-induced fog in my head. “Cala! Nice jinn just don’t do things like that!”
     Somehow, her reprimand didn’t hold as much weight anymore since grandpa burned out, literally. Jinn are creatures born of fire who live among humans for about 6,000 years and then blow out like a candle. Grandma was in the middle of chewing him out for leaving scorch marks on her favorite flying carpet when he just went “poof” and left one final mark on her carpet. Grandma took her time using her magic to clean her precious rug before she decided to let anyone know.
     I dug around in my purse for some change and thought, “Well, Grandma Johara never found grandpa in a restaurant fishing an olive from the cleavage of a brunette Playboy Bunny-jinn! She would have turned him into a boil on somebody’s ass.”
Excerpt from Chapter One
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     Normally, genies grant wishes but Cala Lowery, a 310-year-old half-blood jinn needs a few granted herself. If she doesn’t find a new master before the Queen of the Jinn finds her, she'll be auctioned off on eBay... again.
     Cursed by the Queen for supposedly flirting with the King, Cala’s auctioned off to the highest bidder on eBay. Her luck fails again when her master trades her in. She’s thrust into the world of humans with her dwindling magical abilities which often misfire. Cala begins a desperate search for a new master to regain her powers and avoid being turned into a ball of fire by the Queen.
     Her new job as an Entertainment editor and mystery e-dater for a newspaper’s online dating site brings in plenty of candidates, gives her a taste of independence and reunites her with the victim of her one-time one-night-stand, Lee.
     Lee forgives Cala for an incident with a leaky pepper spray can during their first meeting. Their relationship skyrockets until Cala finds herself struggling to keep her career and potential new master when someone tries to sabotage her column and expose her identity to Lee, who happens to have a secret identity himself.
Finding Her Perfect Master
"Sex, magic, mayhem and eBay are enough to send any genie running for her lamp,"
Copyright 2010 by Skye Savoy. All rights reserved.
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